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All guidelines from regulators in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with other related parties such Najm services

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Automated service

Providers and customers alike stand to benefit from these improvements since coverage and service are becoming more precise. Not to mention simplifying processes and increasing accessibility. Human-to-human contact will still play an important role, but technology is here to stay and will continue to play a role in upgrading the overall customer experience

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SIMPLE procedures

No complicated process, We try our best efforts to make sure that each and every transaction should be designed and applied to provide a speedy, inexpensive way to do the required task, and in same time to ensure compliance standards are met

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Everything in CLOUD

Dealing with insurance companies stressful, Enjoy a carefree life  with our cloud-based platform accessible in any location efficiency
Our solutions using the
providers who offers a quality service and reliability, security. Our infrastructure build on market leaders in cloud computing, AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM.

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Comprehensive insurance is designed to cover the vehicle against accidents that cause damage to the same vehicle as well as third-party liability. It helps clients to protect themselves from a wide range of risks.
All vehicles should have third party-liability coverage by law. A third-party liability policy covers the insured's third-party liability damages, whether related to material damage or bodily injury.

health insurance policy basic benefits package as per Council of Health Insurance
The health insurance policy covers all expenses of medical examination, diagnosis, treatment and medication, except for the exceptions referred to in the CCHI unified policy

Coverage for property can be granted against either specified perils or on all potential (except exclusions under the policy). A wide range of products are available to protect personal, commercial, and industrial premises.

The casualty  policies provide protection against multi risks to the business, such as general and commercial liability, money, employee infidelity, and workers’ compensation

Group insurance programs protect companies, employers, and financial institutions from loss due to death or disability of insured members

Coverage provides protection for cargo between the points of origin and the final destination
There are various lines of insurance that are associated with this insurance class

Contractor's All Risk, Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance, Erection All Risks and a various lines of insurance that are associated with this class, Boiler and Pressure Vessel, Deterioration of Stock in Cold Storage, Electronic Equipment, Machinery and Loss of Profits Following Machinery Breakdown

  • Trade Credit
  • Jewllers Block
  • Professional Liability
  • Event Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Cyber

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